COVID- 19 risk assessment July 2021


At this time I am working face to face from the studio in my garden. I have put the following measures in place to protect myself and my clients:

  1. A throw is used on the client’s chair and washed and replaced after each client.
  2. Regular cleaning of surfaces such as door handles is carried out after each client.
  3. For working with children – all toys can be cleaned and replaced. Each child will have their own individual playdoh.
  4. There are no toilet or waiting facilities.
  5. There is a minimum of 30 minutes between clients to allow ventilation and cleaning
  6. The doors to the studio are kept open throughout the session to ensure the room remains ventilated.
  7. Anyone travelling abroad is asked to keep to the 10 day quarantine before attending a session irrespective of vaccine or early release testing.
  8. I would need to follow the test and trace guidance on contact with clients if required.
  9. Given the measures I have put in place to minimise the risk of transmission of covid-19 I do not ask clients to wear masks during sessions. If however you are more comfortable with this, I will also wear a mask for the duration of the session.

This guidance will be updated regularly and in line with Government guidance and the relevant professional bodies.